Your Third-Party Cookies are on the brink of extinction.

And you're just standing by, doing nothing about it?

How do you keep marketing efficient when tracking cookies are going extinct?

Due to data protection laws in the EU, 2024 will bring the end of all Third-Party tracking Cookies.

This major change poses a significant challenge for online businesses, since they will soon struggle to understand if their money is spent effectively on advertising.

MarvelPixel solves this with one line of code.

More revenue, less ad spend.

MarvelPixel empowers your marketing with deep insights, precise retargeting, and privacy compliance. Own your data and boost ROI. 

Our pixel is tailored to capture the metrics that matter most to your business. Dive deep into the unique behaviors and patterns of your audience.

Ready for the Cookieless World? Our pixel thrives in it. Remain privacy-compliant while retaining your marketing edge and track users for up to 365 days.

Our pixel is designed to perform well with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate results.

How does it work?

Third-Party Cookies


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Tech companies like Meta and Google will be restricted and only allowed to track users up to 7 days

With the MarvelPixel, you can continue to track your online data for a full year.

MarvelPixel vs your Third-Party Cookies

Get the same insights as the tech giants but now on your own server With a first-party perspective, effortlessly track, analyze, and retarget visitors for a full year while respecting data privacy with MarvelPixel


MarvelPixel offers a seamless integration with your existing business tools, ensuring a swift and efficient setup process.

Table Image
Table Image
Extended visitor tracking upto 365 days
Table Image
Table Image
Track every inch of specific user behavior on owned servers
Table Image
Table Image
Discover patterns of user behaviour connected to the ad they clicked on
Table Image
Table Image

Unique features of MarvelPixel

MarvelPixel provides highly specific and actionable data insights that are tailored to your business needs.


With MarvelPixel you can accurately attribute conversions and interactions across various channels.

MarvelPixel is adaptable to your evolving business requirements. It can be easily customized to track specific events, user interactions, and goals as your marketing landscape changes.

MarvelPixel captures detailed user behaviour, helping you understand the entire customer journey and identify opportunities for improvement.

MarvelPixel is designed with advanced security measures, ensuring the protection of sensitive user information and compliance with privacy regulations.

MarvelPixel seamlessly integrates with your current business tools, guaranteeing a swift and efficient setup, overseen by our seasoned experts. This ensures a quick deployment.

MarvelPixel provides instant insights on user engagement, allowing you to respond swiftly to emerging trends and opportunities.

When you choose MarvelPixel, you're not just getting a tool – you're gaining access to a team of experts who are dedicated to assisting you. From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, our support team is there to ensure your success.

Your Cookies are going extinct

And you can fix it all with 1 line of code.

<script async src="" marvelId="89308731">script>

The code will work once we grant you access

We are already tracking you

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Table Image
Table Image
Days of tracking
Extended visitor tracking up to 365 days
Max 7 days
Data Ownership
Enjoy Full Data Ownership and Control
Limited Control and Shared Data
Tailored for Your Unique Needs
Standard Tracking, One-Size-Fits-All
Seamlessly Integrated with Your Systems
Limited Integration, Platform Dependencies
Adapts to Privacy Changes for Longevity
Relies on Third-Party Platform Adaptations
Privacy Compliance
Compliant and Transparent
Privacy Concerns with Third-Party Dependence
Performance Insights
In-Depth Insights into Specific User Interactions
General Insights, Less Nuanced
Elevates Personalized User Experiences
Limited Personalization, Generic Approach
Advanced Segmentation
Precision in Audience Segmentation
Basic Audience Segmentation
Strategic Decisions
Empowers Data-Driven Decision Making
Limited Insights for Strategic Planning
Technical Expertise for Powerful Results
User-Friendly, But Less Customizable
Investment Yields Tailored Value
Included, but Value May Be More Generic
Ad Targeting
Laser-Focused Ad Targeting
Limited Precision in Ad Campaigns
Cross-Domain Tracking
Tracks User Journeys Across Domains
Restricted Cross-Domain Tracking by Browsers
Real-Time Reporting
Real-Time Data Empowers Real-Time Decisions
Real-Time Reporting with Platform Boundaries
Creates Highly Precise Lookalike Audiences
Limited Lookalike Audience Potential

And the best thing is....

MarvelPixel is here to stay 

Say goodbye to Third-Party Data complexities and channel your focus towards what truly propels your business forward,

Your invaluable First-Party Data with MarvelPixel.

Core focus of MarvelPixel

Enhanced Marketing Performance

Robust Analytics & Reporting

Retargeting & Lookalike Audiences

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What are Third-party cookies??

Third-party cookies are most frequently used for online advertising. These cookies track a user's browsing history and activities so they can present them with personalized ads for products and services

Browsers are phasing out all third-party cookies.

By the end of 2024 the EU expects them to be gone, so it is time to act now.

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