Struggling to Navigate the GDPR Minefield and the Cookieless Frontier?

Your Bridge to Success in the Post-Cookie Era.

Marveltest Data Warehouse...

Marketing Data Warehousing

All-in-one Data solution for ROI Optimization

Guarantees Right  Focus In Organisation

Get the most from your data warehouse

Elevate your organization's potential with our Marketing Datawarehousing. Gain full control over marketing and business data, fostering alignment and strategic focus. Empower your team to engage in conversations centered on the right topics, driving impactful decision-making and ensuring synchronized efforts towards overarching goals

Advanced analytics methods to refine target audiences into highly specific segments. 

Enabling data-backed strategic decisions from one dashboard.

Gain access to real-time insights that facilitate agile decision-making. 

Empower your data and connect with

Why the Marveltest Data Warehouse solution can help your business?

In the face of evolving data privacy regulations and the complexity of data collection, Marveltest Data Warehouse offers a comprehensive solution to empower businesses in their data journey.

Centralise and own all your marketing data

It is not a SAAS, you are the actual owner of this solution. In our agreement you will not lose the data after implementation. In this way you can work with a sustainable data solution.

Optimised for e-commerce / omnichannel businesses

Built by marketing specialists and optimised for e-com and omnichannel business. The solutions are based on experience in data related optimisations in the SME market.

Enhanced client segmentation

Clients are being segmented in your own data infrastructure. No external party is required for this trick. A important advantage is that you can automate and monitor the effectiveness of these segments.

Optimised marketing budget efficiency

Built in marketing budget efficiency metrics enable to react on moments of underperformance and boost revenue on peak moments. Work in a structured way towards your targets.

Optimise International Markets / Roll outs

Real time monitoring of financial metrics in the different markets. Understand scalability opportunities in different markets. Have full control over all the markets. 

Advanced analytics on complicated data questions

Enabling answers on complicated questions. The structure will make it easier and more efficient to work with for a data analyst. Resulting in a higher efficiency and ROI on data analytics.

How the Marveltest Data Warehouse solution can help your business?

Your Solution for First-Party Data Ownership

Team up with a knowledgeable partner:

The solution is built on experience from over 1000 data related questions in the field of online marketing. These analytics and automations have been put together in this data/IT solution.

Guidance on how to use the Date Warehouse:

Adapt, learn and apply. The effectiveness of any resource/tool is dependent on how it is being used. We believe it is essential to guide users on how to learn about data and how it is influencing their own business. We believe the combination of Data, Automations and People is the most powerful combinations there is.

Data Solutions prioritsed on Return on Investment:

Solutions are steered towards data points which are most influential on company revenue and internal knowledge. It is in the nature of our business to optimize for ROI and revenue. We will carefully asses which aspects are the most influential on your business case. 

Commercial Values

Long term marketing data infrastructure

Optimzed for marketing budget efficiency 

Enables hyper segmentation and tracking

Guiding most effective acquisition and retention strategies 

Increased efficiency internal team 

Shared KPI’s

Strategy implementation backed by data

Customer journey understanding

Trusted by

Our Process

Data Prioritisation

Prioritising the key data information your business needs

Marveltest conducts a comprehensive Data Warehousing audit, analyzing tech infrastructure and key performance indicators and business needs. A Tailored plan is crafted to meet the specific client needs, ensuring optimized data strategies for enhanced performance and efficiency.

Data Prioritisation

Implementation and Data consulting

After the Data Warehousing Audit, Marveltest focuses on the implementation and construction. Post-implementation, we provide expert consultation on leveraging data insights to maximize marketing and business efficiency, ensuring optimal performance.

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Simplify Your Data Strategy

Simplify Your Data Strategy

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